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Softland SRL, str. Traian Grozavescu 2/1, 400305, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA
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VAT-ID: RO 12250035
본사: Str. Gheorghe Lazar no. 7/5, 400183 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
현장사무소 (통신주소): Str. Traian Grozavescu, 2/1, 400305 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
상거래 등록번호: J12/1244/13.10.1999
Our core values differentiate us from the competition:
  • Reliability and usability. Our programs are stable, easy to configure and use
  • Adaptability. We pride on listening to our customers and improving products based on their feedback.
  • Expert customer service. We offer free technical support during the trial period too.
  • Try before you buy. We believe that our products speak for themselves thus all have a free trial period (with no limitations).
  • Attention to details. Every release is thoroughly tested by our team before public availability.
We are constantly looking for business development opportunities related to our products. If you have any business proposals regarding our products feel free to send us an email.

Technology affiliations

  • Microsoft
  • OISV
  • SIP
Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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str. Traian Grozavescu no. 2/1
Cluj-Napoca 400305, ROMANIA

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VAT-ID: RO12250035
Registration: J12/1244/1999
DUNS: 681215554

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